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  Start Your Own Macrobiotic Dinners or Local Support Group.

Christina Pirello suggestions

I think that monthly macrobiotic potlucks dinners are the best way to begin a macrobiotic support group. This way, people can cook, show off a little and share recipes, so they learn from each other.

The nicest way is for the potluck to rotate from house to house so the burden is not on one family!.

When we did them here in Philadelphia, the host would make soup and provide all the dishes and flatware. And then people would bring dishes to feed an appropriate number of people.

For instance if 20 people will be at the potluck dinners, all the dishes have to be enough to serve 8-10 people. As the potlucks grow and become more regular, then people can make lists of food needed, like grains, beans, vegetables and have people sign up to make a certain dish.

In that way, you are assured to have more balanced meals with a lot of variety. Another fun thing is to have a speaker on occasion, not always, but sometimes, to create some new interest.

If there is a local teacher, environmentalist, philosopher, even a politician that can enlighten and bring new information to people if the potluck dinners grow too big for people's homes, then a church basement can be used or a cafe on a night that it is not open people can pay a small fee if there is rent and then these little potluck can grow into events and a community has been born it doesnt cost anyone a lot of money and everyone is a part of it.

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