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Interview with Michio Kushi

Jamie Trevena the founder of the Macrobiotic Guide
was invited to talk to Michio Kushi (One of George Oshawa student)

This was recorded live at the MyHotel, London on Sunday 11th May 2008.
The questions we asked where from our readers.

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I am so glad I found all this - the interview is really great!!! Thank you soooo much!!! I found it by reading up on Michio on Wikipedia. In this interview you are asking great questions, and Michio can really explain his teachings. It will be a classic, treasured by all his friends forever! Really wonderful! Thank you for all the work you do for our universal dream - and again thank you for the wonderful interview - Mayke

Credits: We would like to thank the Bataller family and David Passes,
Phiya Kushi and Kasia Trevena for making this interview possible and also
to David Field for improving the sound quality.
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