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Letter: A message On behalf of Michio Kushi (about his health)


This letter was sent into us by Larry (Haruo) Kushi

Posted: October 12, 2004

Dear Friends,

I would like to thank my sons for letting all of you know that I recently had a blockage removed from my colon. Through them I have received many warm and supportive messages and prayers from you and I am infinitely grateful for your kindness.

As I hope you can imagine, my decision to have surgery was not taken lightly. My colon was nearly 100% obstructed and the risks caused by my condition were potentially fatal. It became clear that surgery was the quickest and most effective immediate solution. Though the blockage turned out to be a malignant tumor, the medical doctors were able to remove all of it and I thank them for their expertise and support.

My recovery is going better than expected and I am slowly returning to full strength. I am not planning any further medical procedures. I am also not planning any further trips or public activities for the next several months. The medical doctors who assisted me through this surgery have recommended to me similar advice I have offered through the years to so many others: to focus myself on the day-to-day macrobiotic living of spiritual practice, high-quality local foods, happy thoughts and achievement of world peace.

In these recent years, I have allowed myself to grow too busy, to take too many trips, to accomplish too much at too rapid a pace. I am grateful for this recent experience for teaching me the importance of rededicating myself to a quieter, though no less important, set of work. I look forward to reconnecting with all of you soon and continuing our work together toward one peaceful world.

Michio Kushi

Below is from our readers.

I am sorry to hear of Michio Kushi's recent illness and would like to add my wishes for a speedy recovery and hope he will soon be feeling fit and well.
Best wishes Sandra

I find it disheartening - if not fraudulent - that Michio Kushi would have surgery on his "obstruction of the colon" aka colon cancer. I also find it disheartening that this man would even have colon cancer after
adhering to macrobiotics all his adult life. Don't you find this whole matter a contradiction?

- Patricia

My I add my good wishes for Michio Kushi's speedy recovery and a fast return to his path.

I discovered macrobiotics through his books over a quarter of a century ago, and it is largely due to him and his wisdom that my family (all eleven healthy children, my husband and myself) enjoy excellent health and the ability to maintain a positive frame of mind in this most turbulent world..

May the good that he has done return to him many times over.

With humble thanks from Jackie

From all of us working on The Macrobiotic Guide we wish Michio Kushi time for peace and reflection on the many years of travelling and sharing his great insights with so many of us.

With much respect and gratitude.

- Jamie Trevena

We sent some of these comments along with many others to Michio's son Phiya Kushi
who wrote back to say:

I read with interest the respondents to your distributing the letter from Michio. I was particularly interested in Patricia's response which is what would seem like a typical response from someone that jumps to conclusions with less than all the facts and with a limited understanding of macrobiotics.

Therefore, for the benefit of Patricia and other reader of The Macrobiotic Guide

1. Michio acknowledges that he has not been eating macrobiotically due to maintaining an extremely busy social and travel schedule that became even more busy in the last 10-15 years. During that time he ignored his own bodily needs and requirements and went beyond his own physical limitations. His critical condition was a sharp reminder and wake-up call that, yes, he too is human, and is subject to the same rules of life as everyone else and that he cannot continue to consistently serve humanity, without taking time out for himself.

2. Michio's present doctors recommend that he follow his own macrobiotic recommendations for which he is now complying, taking much needed rest and having quality meals prepared for him in order to recover from his condition.

As a side note, I wish to add that life is full of contradictions - we are born, and we die, we get healthy and we get sick. A macrobiotic life includes experiencing both health and sickness yet is not defined by either but rather by the length of time that one lives on earth and the difficulties that one overcomes in that process, such that sickness and other difficulties can often be the means for prolonging and strengthening life.

Being Michio's third son, and recently, the Exectutive Director of the Kushi Institute for seven years, you might say that I have a pretty good understanding of the meaning, purposes and intentions of macrobiotics and the messages of Michio Kushi.

and went on to say:

Also, I would like to mention publicly, having obtained Michio's permission, that in spite of years of his smoking, a fact well-known to many, recent x-rays of Michio's lungs were surprisingly clean, like that of a twenty year old (remarked his physician). This is not meant to be validation of cigarette smoking, but rather an invitation to question, in the spirit of non-credo, "proven" or "predictable" scientific facts (what system logic do you use as evidence?). Furthermore, the Caraka Samhita, ancient text from India's "Father Of Medicine" recommends smoking as curative measure for various symptoms. Again, this is not meant to be in defense of Michio's word's, cigarette smoking or an invalidation of "proven" facts of the "dangers" of smoking or corn oil or whatever the item may be but rather an invitation to be open minded about all possibilties, no matter how improbable or outlandish.

Personally, if I were forced to choose, I prefer to rely on the dynamic systems of yin/yang logic and chaos theory rather than function analysis or statistical probability in explaining and predicting the outcomes and results of phenomena.

Thank you,

Phiya Kushi

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