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Crohn's Disease - My Amazing Story
by Shaun Dore

The Macrobiotic Guide - April 2006

I'm 24 and have suffered with crohns disease for over 7 years, my doctors have tried to control it with drugs but it got progressively worse until in September 2005 I was admitted to hospital for the 3rd time in 2 years and the only real option in their opinion was the complete removal of my colon, and a stoma bag….. this was a terrifying prospect for me and I couldn't imagine a life after this.

I managed to persuade the doctors to give me a few months to try something else and travelled to America where I went to stay with Ginny Harper, who is a health Counsellor and teacher in Tennessee, she has a learning centre there and this is where my healing began, she taught me all about macrobiotics and how my body works, what I should be eating and avoiding!

To start with I was very limited to what I could handle and it really consisted of creamed rice, vegetables and ume kuzu drinks. Within weeks the agony in my lower stomach and abdomen had gone! I had some energy and the bleeding had stopped, I was starting to feel more comfortable, The choice of foods was widening and I was able to cope with a much bigger variety of foods, I also learnt the importance of chewing.

I was there for 3 months, learning, cooking and eating, by the end of it I was a different person. I could not believe how my body had reacted and went into a healing mode from such a desperate state. I had stopped losing weight and was eating regularly without losing blood and having to go to the toilet 6+ times a day! Now that I am back in the UK my doctors are amazed and couldn't believe that a recovery like this was possible, I am now reducing the prednisolone medication that I have been on for years and soon I will be drug free!

I can't explain how amazing this feels to me after being a slave to a horrible disease for years, I am truly grateful to Ginny and macrobiotics as without it I have no doubt that I would still be suffering and most probably be in and out of hospital the rest of my life for serious operations. I have continued with the diet and find that I am getting into a good routine!

It really feels like I have my life back, and am catching up on time I have missed due to being ill. I can enjoy time with my friends and can't wait for the summer to spend time at the beach, go to festivals and do things that I just would not have been able to do, or confident enough to do.

Ginny Harper had Crohn's disease and has been cured (symptom free for 25 years) she looks the picture of health and you would never believe she is 50!

She is coming to England in May to give some lectures, cooking classes and consultations, phone 01794 884663 or visit for more information and to book. Ginny is an amazing woman and has dedicated her life to teaching and helping others. She now runs a non profit-making organisation called Ki of Life and has just opened a new healing centre in Tennessee.

Shaun Dore, Hampshire, UK

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