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Real Macrobiotics for Cancer -
Prevention and Treatment By Verne Varona
Download this 16 Page booklet - PDF - Word.doc
  My Complete Recovery From Breast Cancer
  My Amazing Recovery
Questions and Answers
  Yin-Yang, Science and "Macrobiotic" Cancer
  Is the Macrobiotic Diet an Anti-Cancer Diet?
  Is there anything that actually tastes good on this diet?
Books on Macrobiotics and Cancer
  My Beautiful Life by Mina Dobic
How Macrobiotics Brought Me from Cancer to Radiant Health
  Nature's cancer-Fighting Foods
by Verne Varona
  Life's Delicate Balance
Guide to Causes and Prevention of Breast Cancer
by Janette D., MD Sherman
  Recovery from Cancer:
The Remarkable Story of One Woman's Struggle With Cancer and What She Did to Beat the Odds
by Elaine Nussbaum
  Macrobiotic Miracle
How a Vermont Family Overcame Cancer
by Virginia Brown,
  Recalled by Life
by Anthony J. Sattilaro
Research on Online
  Scientific & Medical Research on Cancer & Diet
  The Cancer Prevention Diet: Michio Kushi's Blueprint Today, macrobiotics is the most widely used unconventional nutritional approach to cancer in the United States.
  The Macrobiotic Diet in Cancer
From Annual Research Conference on Diet, Nutrition and Cancer
  The Theory and Practice of the Dietary
Component of Macrobiotics and its Role in Cancer Therapy
By Michio Kushi
  How belief in macrobiotics killed my wife
  Miso soup 'cuts breast cancer risk '
Eating three or more bowls of the Japanese delicacy Miso soup every day could cut women's risk of developing breast cancer, researchers suggest.



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